Thursday, May 22, 2014

New Balance - Girls Night Out

Running Wine & Dine with two of my girlfriends?
Sounds pretty awesome to me!!
I love talking to people about my running accomplishments, no matter how big or small they are. 

I haven't found too many people to run with outside of my immediate circle of friends, but that's ok.
I just like the thought of sharing the encouragement and self esteem I've gained from running and the way the small successes have helped me. 

I'm super thrilled that I get to run the Wine & Dine in November with my running buddy! 
We had such a great time at the Disney Princess in 2013!!!
I've already started my folder of runDisney fun!!

When this add for New Balances Girls Night Out came across my Facebook news feed, I couldn't help but sign up for their sweepstakes, and share with all of you!

I haven't signed up for the meet up ap/service yet, but I plan on it. 
From what I understand, it's a fancy version of mapmyrun for ladies. 
Sounds fun right??

Plus to launch their new program, they have a sweepstakes for the Wine and Dine weekend!!
Plus they are planning some Girls Night Out running events in some of the countries larger cities. 

Go check it out!
Sounds like a fun way to get in those muggy summer night runs!

***I am not affiliated with NB - I just wanted to share a great running opportunity!


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