Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Playing catch up....Glow Run, Kuddos to Janet

Ok so it's been months since I've blogged. Its not that I didn't have anything to write about. I just didn't have the time! End of the school year, starting to train for my 4th Half Marathon (eeekkk!), starting a new job, and a new relationship left little time to to sit down and put my thoughts together. I haven't baked in forever, and my craft room has become a storage closet (but that's a whole other issue!!!). I have however, been doing plenty of running. At least I have that to write about. 

So now that I've caught up on why I haven't been here....let's talk about what I've been doing. 

Glow Run 5k - May 11th, 2013
Richmond Raceway

So my twin sister Janet has been on a weight loss journey for the last few months with weight watchers.  She's been incorporating walking along with her diet. While I keep trying to persuade her to join me in my running adventures, she tells me no. I finally got her to agree to do a race with me in Richmond, but that we'd walk it. We picked the Glow Run 5k because it was close to her house and if you know Janet, you know that she loves glow necklaces and light up things. (At her wedding the only DJ giveaway she had was glow necklaces). So on a cool Saturday night in May we headed out with our new sparkle skirts (she's very handy with a sewing machine) to the Richmond Raceway.  My nephew Donnie was with us too (his first race!). 

Packet pick-up was super easy. We had Donnie's jogging stroller with us so we didn't have to worry about gear check.  We decked out his stroller in some extra glow bracelets we picked up in the target dollar section (I told you -  Janet likes glow stuff!!) and waited for the race to start. 

All the neon colors waiting for the race to start. 
The start of the race was one of the things I was disappointed in. It was supposed to start at 8:30pm, but  it wound up starting closer to 9:00pm so that the sun could go down. 

Here's me and Donnie waiting for the race to start. He sure is one cute running partner!

Janet and Donnie 

Here's all three of us! Donnie really liked the race bibs. He kept playing with them whenever one of us was standing close enough to him. Janet did a great job on the sparkle skirts too!!

The race was actually pretty fun. They had speakers set up along the route as well as "glow stations" in two of the overpasses we had to go through. The "glow stations" were equipped with black lights, a DJ and a fog machine. We thought Donnie was going to freak out about it but it turned out that he liked it. 
The next thing I was disappointed in was that when we got to the water stop - somewhere around mile 2 - they were out of water. I know we were the walking section of the race, and it wasn't that hot - but I get really frustrated when a race runs out of water!! Come on people!! You know how many people register!!  Thankfully Janet and I had our own water bottles with us.
Overall it was a fun race.
For a 5k it even came with a medal that glows in the dark! The volunteer was nice and even gave us one for Donnie. Hey - he was along for the whole thing, he deserves some bling! The size even rivals some of my half marathon medals!

I can't say that I'll ever run another glow run, but I was happy that Janet got to experience a race atmosphere and how enjoyable they can be. I think I may have convinced her to sign up for a few more. I don't think she'll be by my side at any half marathon, but she may have caught the racing bug.

This is a picture of Janet's weight loss journey so far.
I'm really proud of what she's accomplished. She keeps shrinking. Pretty soon I'm going to be back to sharing all the clothes in my closet with her. 
Way to go Janet!!

Ok hopefully I won't go MIA for another 3mo. I have a whole lot to talk about and have some fun races coming up. Not to mention my adventures with my running buddies leading up to them.