Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Gearing Up for Broad Street.

It's exciting to run in a new city. 
It's exciting to run a new course.'s not exciting to be undertrained
.....but that's life!!

This Saturday I'm flying up to Philadelphia to meet up with my boyfriend, one of my besties from college and a few other friends to run the Broad Street Run (10 miler) in Philadelphia on Sunday. 

This is the first time I'm running a "big" race in Philadelphia. Josh and I ran the Hot Chocolate 15k in April, but that was a brand new race. The Broad Street Run has a lot of history behind it, and I will be running with about 40,000 of my closest running buddies!!

In years past, (from what I've been told by my bestie), you had to sign up for the race in the first few hours of registration opening or you weren't getting in. It sold out just as fast, if not faster then some RunDisney events! Last year however they went to a lottery system in order to ensure fairness for runners. 

This year, since Josh lives in PA, and we enjoy running together, we committed to the Broad Street - or at least the lottery. We both were a little surprised that we made it! 

After finishing the Hot Chocolate 15k, and the ODU Big Blue 5k I'm still nursing a knee injury and haven't really found the time to run. The weather has still been crappy and I've had a lot of "life" going on. Needless to say this race is going to be questionable and probably difficult. I'm pretty sure my body will hold up - I just have to make sure my mind can too!

Josh always likes to give me an estimate on how many miles in till I "give up" and go to my run/walk combo. Surf n Santa I made it 8 miles, Shamrock I made it to 7 miles, and Hot Chocolate I made it to the 10k split. Since I'm still kind of gunning for a faster corral time for the Wine and Dine, I'm going to try my hardest to run consistent and for the entire 10 miles. 

Here's to wishful thinking.....and a new medal to add to my collection!!!

At least I get to spend the weekend with some of my favorite people!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Joining Bloglovin

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

ODU Big Blue 5k

A few weekends ago, my running buddy and I ran in the inaugural ODU Big Blue 5k.

It was in conjunction with their spring football game and their Big Blue Barbque. I'm not an ODU alum, although I did take a few classes there, so I don't have a strong affiliation to the school other then I've been on the campus a few times and have seen some concerts at their sports arena. While the whole idea of the day was great....I didn't have the time to stay for the entire days festivities. Maybe next year.

For a 5k there really shouldn't be that much to recap - however it was a pretty great day for me and the running buddy!!

My one and only complaint about the race was that there was no dry gear check. I understand the constraints. There was a BBQ to prepare for, and a football game so they needed to get the race stuff cleaned up ASAP. But it would have been nice not to have to walk from my car to pick up my race shirt and bib number, and walk all the way back to my car to put it away - and then back again to the race start. Just sayin. I'm glad that we left early enough to not have to worry about the timing. It actually worked out perfect for us.

The weather was AMAZING.....a little warm...but that's ok. I'll take warm temps over the freezing cold. I just have to give my body time to readjust to running in the heat!

The race start was actually pretty crowded. We snuck into the corral above ours, just cause there was actually some space in there.

The course ran all through the ODU campus, so there was a lot of turns. I don't particularly mind turns, it keeps things interesting. We were running at what I felt like was a comfortable pace, and when I saw the Mile 1 marker and glanced at my Garmin I almost fell over!! We were running around an 11min mile. I called back to my buddy in amazement and kept on trucking.
Ok so we slowed down to a pace that was a little more our "speed" - 
but WOW was I impressed with my first mile! 

Well, the quick mile pace was not on our side as we steadily slowed down. The heat was starting to get to us. By Mile 2 - 2.5 my buddy was dragging. But I love her to pieces cause she just keeps on trekking!  I run ahead, stop, check on her, then we start running together again....that was pretty much our cycle for the last mile. She always tells me to go faster, but I never do. I like knowing she's there. Whether she's in front of me, behind me, or right next to me.

We crossed the finish line in 37:19.
A new PR for me.....I don't think I've ever ran a chipped 5k. My goal was 36:00 - so I'll take 37:19.

Overall we enjoyed ourselves. Even with the trek back and forth and the heat!

I got to sport my new running tank from raw threads and sparkle skirt made by Janet and spend the morning running with one of my favorite people.

Ok - so these aren't the greatest pics of us but you can check out my new Little Mermaid Bow Tank from Raw Threads, and Gineff's Little Mermaid T-shirt from them too. We coordinated and didn't even know it!!
It's also only coincidence that my KT tape matched my outfit.HAHA!!


Up next I'm tackling the Broad Street 10 Miler in Philly with Josh and my other PA buddies. Then its time to focus on the Disney Wine & Dine!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Running for Chocolate....Hot Chocolate 5k/15k

This past weekend was the start of my Spring Break. I had originally planned on hopping on a cruise ship for a week and soaking up the sun in the Caribbean. However, with the boyfriend moving to PA, I opted out of the Caribbean for sunny PA to spend half of the week with him. Of course I had to see if there were any races that we could run. 

I stumbled upon the Hot Chocolate 5k/15k taking place in Philadelphia this past Sunday morning. 

We decided to stay at the Hilton by the Airport because they were providing a free shuttle to and from the race start. 

Let me just run down some of my minor complaints about the race. 
I don't want to say I've become a running snob, but after running a handful or races with J&A and even RunDisney I've come to expect a decent level of togetherness. 

From some of the blogs I've read, RamRacing seemed to have it together. Maybe I should give them a little more leeway as this their first race in Philly. But there was no expo. It was two tents set up outside the Philly Runner store where we could go pick up our bib number and race swag. Josh is not a fan of crowds so we stayed there for only a matter of 3mins. Long enough for me to look for some KT tape and get out. It sucked because I really love a good expo. 

Ok so I know I had some complaints...but check out this race swag.
Sort of made it all worth it. Its really nice tech hoodie! Definitely came in handy on race day!

Race morning I was expecting a coach bus as the shuttle, because I had seen in other blogs that they had coach buses. As long as I was keeping my expectations to the expo.....we had a school bus. It didn't bother me. It was warm and transported me to the start and back again. 

Just a little cold out!

Now let me talk about the actual race. 
IT WAS COLD!! Like so cold I couldn't feel my feet!! We had to wait around over an hour from the time the shuttle dropped us off to when the race actually started. The 5k started about 45mins before us. Trust me - I much rather would have run the 5k but Josh made a point that if we're going to be doing any sort of has to be longer then twice around the parking lot of his apartment complex. 

Once the race actually started we were good to go. Our feet started to defrost and I was slowly finding my rhythm. I have a new knee problem that has recently popped up so I made sure to use some KT tape and tape it up. It actually helped, but I'm still planning on seeing my doctor to make sure it's not anything major.

Knee all taped up and ready to run.

By the 10k split, I was tired and tired of running. Josh knows I don't always push myself, so he knew I was going to throw in the towel at some point. I actually think he thought it was going to be way earlier then 2/3 of the way through. The race was an out and back on part of the loop, so I could see on my way out that they were timing the 10k split. Since that's the shortest distance I need for the Wine and Dine, I wanted to see what I was currently running. 

We finished the last 3.1miles with my run5/walk2 combo. Our time was just under two hours. 1:59:48. 
Overall I couldn't complain. 

My Garmin read further then the actual 15k, but I'm still pretty happy with that pace for how little I've trained - and the amount of walking we did. 
Hey - I'm still lapping the old me who would've still been asleep! 

The race finished right at the bottom of the steps to the Art Museum, so that was pretty cool. I should've snapped a picture of that but I forgot. 

We grabbed our dry gear, hot chocolate/fondue mug, sat for a minute and then headed back to the hotel. 
There was no medal but this mug is pretty sweet! Although I'm not sure my tummy really enjoyed all that chocolate after running. 

We showered, rested for a few and then headed over to Xfinity Live to hang out before the Flyers game that night. 

For my first weekend of Spring Break it was an eventful and fun weekend.  

Enjoying the Flyers game!! 
And they won!!
(Thanks Matty for the tickets!) 

Here are few pics I took along the run. Philly might be my new favorite place to run. It was pretty fun to see all the crew teams out on the water next to us while we were running. 
Can't wait to run the Broad Street 10miler in a few weeks!

Ok that guy on the sidewalk is walking with a giant log on his shoulders....not sure what that was all about. 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Birthday Race!

Annual Birthday 5k
Sandy Bottom Park

Last year on my birthday, my running buddy and I ran a 5k down at the ocean front. It was also when I started my blog. Granted I haven't been the most pro-active blogger  - but I'm trying. 
This year she asked me if I wanted to run another 5k around my birthday again. I happily agreed as it looks like we might have a new tradition on our hands! 

Since it was my Birthday weekend my boyfriend came down from Pennsylvania to celebrate. 
Saturday morning we made our way to  Sandy Bottom in the rain to go run a 5k that raises money to support childhood cancer. It is honor a local child who lost his battle a few years ago. 

In all honesty, if my running buddy wasn't going to be there Josh and I would've happily donated our race entry fee and rolled over and gone back to sleep. It was a chilly, rainy morning and the course was a trail run. Two of my least favorite things! Rain and mud!

But off we was just 3 miles - I could easily cough that out. 
Since Gineff was running with me, Josh took off on his own. While I know he loves to run slow with me, somedays he likes to run at his own pace.  I'm not sure if it was planned that way but the course was an easy out and back. It was nice to see Josh on his turn around. He was even a trooper and waited the extra 15-20 mins till we finished. 

It was not a chipped time race but we ran the whole thing - through the mud puddles. At one point I had to give up and just go right through the middle of it. Yuck! It was a good thing I wore my old sneakers....I was a wet muddy mess. Yuck, yuck, yuck. I am not cut out for mud. There isn't a medal big enough to get me to do anything like the Spartan or the Tough Mudder. Crawl through mud? No thanks! 

While I wasn't a fan of the weather or the muddy course, it was a nice 3 miles with two of my favorite people. A great way to start off my Birthday weekend!!

Next up.......Hot Chocolate 15k in Philly. 
Let's just hope this patella problem I've been dealing with gets better and I'm not sidelined out of any upcoming races!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Brownies - Baking actually happens. 

So I know my blog is titled Run, Craft, Bake but there hasn't been much baking or crafting going on lately. It's probably because my life has been consumed with teaching, working at the restaurant, running and every extra thing I signed up for this school year. 

But have no fear - I live with my suzie homemaker sister who whipped these bad boys up when I was taking a nap last week before my shift at the restaurant! Everyone at the restaurant loves it when I bring in some home made treat my sister has made. I think these bad boys were going in a matter of an hour!

I don't have the recipe right now but I'll try to put it up soon. 

They were super yummy too!!