Sunday, May 18, 2014

Storing all that bling!

How do you store all your race bling?

I will admit it - I have become a race snob!
No longer will I run a race that doesn't provide me with some sweet swag and a medal! (Unless I need it for time - such as my upcoming Elizabeth River Run 10k).

I don't see the point in mud runs, or colored runs. I like running - I DO NOT like dirt! And to me colored cornstarch is a form of dirt!
I'm sure that at some point in life - I will wind up running one those muddy or colored ones.....but right now its not something I willingly volunteer for.

Anywho.....back to the topic at hand!
With all this race bling - how do you store it?
I sure am proud of all these medals (and miles)!! I want people to be able to see them when they come to my house!

I scoured Pinterest  and Etsy on fun ways to display them.
I even thought about shelling out the cash for one.
But then I realized I have this super handy and crafty Dad who likes new projects and enjoys spending time in the Wood shop of the retirement village him and Mom live in. So why not task him with a project?

So one weekend when I was there doing my laundry, I brought all my bibs, and medals and asked him what he could do for me. We laid everything out and came up with a plan.  He even offered to make me a few for my running friends. That Dad of mine is a great guy!

The first one he made me, I don't have a picture of, because it didn't last long.
He had taken his time and stained the wood two different colors and put it together. The race bibs went on the front, and the medals hung on the bottom. There are quite a few of this style available on Etsy. Well after a few weeks for some reason the wood started to separate. When I brought it back to him to fix, he said he was coming up with something better.

This is what I got -

It's quite an upgrade from the first one I had!!

So my medals go on a separate board from the race bibs.

There is even room enough on my medal holder to create a third and fourth row for future medals.

It's nice to be able to see all my accomplishments hanging in one place!!

While it might now be a lot, it means a lot to me because I never thought I'd accomplish this!

A view of my most recent medals. 

A view from where it all started. 

Wait till you see how I treat myself after races - with my portable race bling!!


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