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Surf-n-Santa 10 Miler - December 2013

Surf-n-Santa 10 Miler
December 2013

Like I've stated before the weather for me lately with J&A races has been down right miserable. 

This was the first time I was taking on the Surf-n-Santa 10 Miler in my short running career. Why would I be willing to run outside, in December, for 10 Miles you ask?? 

Because I'm a sucker for free stuff!  This year my running buddy and I had decided that we were going to partake in the Live, Love, Run challenge put out by J&A. Which means if you run all of their races for that calendar year (Virginia is For Lovers 14k, Shamrock Weekend, Crawlin' Crab, Wicked 10k & Surf-n-Santa 10 Miler) they send you an surprise item. (This only just arrived mid February - I'll do a quick post on that one too) 

The Surf-n-Santa was one that I was not looking forward to. I really hadn't run that much since the Wicked. Life got in the way. School, family, working at the restaurant - there just wasn't enough time. Plus with the falling temps, I wasn't too happy about running outdoors and I came up with every excuse in the book not to go outside for a run.

But the weekend quickly approached and the boyfriend and I made our way to the expo on Friday night. While these expos are not as big as others they are still nice to wander around. Josh is always on the lookout for new sneakers and while I have way too many workout/running outfits, I can't help but check out what's on sale. This time I picked up a pair of long running tights and a new white long sleeve shirt. I knew it was going to be chilly but I still wanted to coordinate a decent race outfit!

Race morning - ugh!!
It was cold.
It was raining - or sleeting - or whatever it does when its just down right gross out.

I layered up as I usually do but this time not as many layers as the Wicked. I didn't want to make that mistake again, or have Josh have to carry my stuff. We were already going to be pretty miserable in this weather.

It was another out and back race around the ocean front. Beautiful that it's by the beach - but not so beautiful when you have loop back around - to drop the 5ker's off at the finish and you pretty much see the winner coming back around to Mile 10 and you haven't even made it to Mile 4! Oh well. I know I won't ever be that fast so kudos to the people that are!

Anyway, we were both surviving the race, I was actually still running and keeping my complaining to a minimum. Close to mile 5  - Josh hit a pot hole and twisted up his ankle. He said he didn't want to stop so we kept on going. It was then that we made the dreaded turn onto the boardwalk. OMG!! It was like turning into a wall of wind. It was miserable. I was trying to stay positive but I could no longer feel my left arm. I had to pee - do you know how difficult it is to stop and use a porta potty when your wet, cold and can't feel your extremities??? I was regretting the decision to even get out of bed....for what?? A medal?? I know I'm crazy.

We kept on running till mile 8 - then I had to switch over to the walk/run combo. My knees were just not cooperating with me. But I was happy with how far I had run - with little to no training.

Finally we made our way back into the convention center. The party was already going in full swing. We grabbed our medals, some snacks and our finisher item travel coffee mug. (As much as I could grab - I still had no feeling in my arm.)

We went and got a beer too and found a (warmish) place to sit down. Since neither one of us was very hungry or in the mood to drink - I'm not a huge Sam Adams fan - we only stayed for a little while.

Showing off my well earned medal and my customized ball cap with santa hat! I didn't want rain in my face so I wore my red crawlin' crab finisher hat and my surf-n-santa cap. 

We had to make sure we took a picture together. 

I wish I would've handed my phone to another girl, instead of boy - he didn't capture my fun santa socks that I had on but you can see my red sparkle skirt I was wearing. 

Stealing another proof.....but you can see the awesome race conditions we had....and my fun socks. Totally my motto....I don't run fast or look very pretty doing it - but I'm going to look good!! 

Shamrock is in 8 days.....oh wow!!
At this point I'll just plan my outfit and hope the rest falls into place...

Plus I just signed up for Disney Wine & Dine during my snow days!! Race registration opened up yesterday and as of right now it is already 95% full!!
I can't believe I've committed to it but am so excited that I did!!


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