Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Running in the Raw

So like I said before, I use the term "runner" loosely. It's something I've only been doing for a little over a year now.  Some days I run faster then others and legitimately feel like a runner. Then there are those other days were I feel like I could walk faster then I run - but I'm still out there trudging along, racking up those miles. It's hard for me to believe that I've actually completed 3 half-marathons and a handful of other races within the last year. Most of it is by the encouragement of my running buddy and the crazy experiences we have a long the way with training and actual race day. Having some one to share the moments with make it all worth while.

But I digress.....

In February, my running buddy and I ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Another one of her crazy ideas and adventures that I was happy to be a part of. It was one of the best races I have ever done. How could it not be??? It was a RunDisney race!! Running  in the happiest place on earth? YES PLEASE!!

Before our departure from VA, I had planned our race day outfits. My thought on my whole running thing is that I don't run fast, I don't look good doing it (I'm a HOT, SWEATY mess!) - but I'm going to look damn good doing it!!  I like to make sure my outfits for the most part are coordinated and look cute. Anywhoo.....we are in the airport waiting to board the plane and I realized that I forgot my running buddies outfit in the trunk of my car - epic fail (sort of). This gave us an opportunity to check out some vendors at the super-awesome-oh-my-goodness-shoppers-magical-paradise of an expo.

When we finally found this particular booth it was like hitting the jackpot of running clothes combined with all things that are wonderfully Disney.  The company is called Raw Threads. All of their stuff is made from Bamboo, organic cotton and have some UPF protection. Their shirts are super soft and comfy. Plus, the designs are super cute too!!
This is me and my running buddy after the race. Her shirt is of Princess Belle and mine was Snow White. It matched the princesses we we're running as. 

These are the pictures from the web-site. I love how the back has all the dwarfs hats. 

 I was super happy to see them at the Shamrock Marathon Weekend Expo. So of course I had to treat myself to a new shirt for the 8k!

I had to make sure that my race shirt matched the weekends festivities....and I'm Irish. It's appropriate for St. Patrick's Day weekend. 

I was also happy that a few days later on their web-site they were having a sale. 
So I needed another shirt to promote my RunDisney status!!

It's backwards from my mirror but it says "A Princess Life" - I think it's fitting!! 

So if your looking to treat yourself and splurge on a new shirt  - they also have pants, shorts and skirts. It's totally worth it. When we were at the Shamrock Expo we actually had a chance to meet the owner and she was super nice! 

Check it out. Raw Threads I promise - you won't be disappointed! And you'll look super cute too!!


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