Friday, September 19, 2014


This is exactly how I feel right now!!!

I went for a run Tuesday morning. A good 3.1mi and I was 5 secs off beating my old best 5k time. 
I was stoked.
Great!! Totally prepared for this half!

But then shortly after my run, the arch of my right foot began to hurt!! EEEKKK!!
Not now!! Not just a few days before a race I have been working so hard at training for!
So it's been sneakers for the last few days and here's to hoping the KT tape will help with my plantar fasciitis that has evilly returned.

So for the next two days I am going to feel just like Peg.
At least until the race is over.
Let's just hope that Josh can be just like her AMAAAAZING Cat and miraculously solve my problem!!
Probably not - but here's to wishful thinking....

Wish me luck!!
It's all mental and determination from here on out!


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