Tuesday, April 22, 2014

ODU Big Blue 5k

A few weekends ago, my running buddy and I ran in the inaugural ODU Big Blue 5k.

It was in conjunction with their spring football game and their Big Blue Barbque. I'm not an ODU alum, although I did take a few classes there, so I don't have a strong affiliation to the school other then I've been on the campus a few times and have seen some concerts at their sports arena. While the whole idea of the day was great....I didn't have the time to stay for the entire days festivities. Maybe next year.

For a 5k there really shouldn't be that much to recap - however it was a pretty great day for me and the running buddy!!

My one and only complaint about the race was that there was no dry gear check. I understand the constraints. There was a BBQ to prepare for, and a football game so they needed to get the race stuff cleaned up ASAP. But it would have been nice not to have to walk from my car to pick up my race shirt and bib number, and walk all the way back to my car to put it away - and then back again to the race start. Just sayin. I'm glad that we left early enough to not have to worry about the timing. It actually worked out perfect for us.

The weather was AMAZING.....a little warm...but that's ok. I'll take warm temps over the freezing cold. I just have to give my body time to readjust to running in the heat!

The race start was actually pretty crowded. We snuck into the corral above ours, just cause there was actually some space in there.

The course ran all through the ODU campus, so there was a lot of turns. I don't particularly mind turns, it keeps things interesting. We were running at what I felt like was a comfortable pace, and when I saw the Mile 1 marker and glanced at my Garmin I almost fell over!! We were running around an 11min mile. I called back to my buddy in amazement and kept on trucking.
Ok so we slowed down to a pace that was a little more our "speed" - 
but WOW was I impressed with my first mile! 

Well, the quick mile pace was not on our side as we steadily slowed down. The heat was starting to get to us. By Mile 2 - 2.5 my buddy was dragging. But I love her to pieces cause she just keeps on trekking!  I run ahead, stop, check on her, then we start running together again....that was pretty much our cycle for the last mile. She always tells me to go faster, but I never do. I like knowing she's there. Whether she's in front of me, behind me, or right next to me.

We crossed the finish line in 37:19.
A new PR for me.....I don't think I've ever ran a chipped 5k. My goal was 36:00 - so I'll take 37:19.

Overall we enjoyed ourselves. Even with the trek back and forth and the heat!

I got to sport my new running tank from raw threads and sparkle skirt made by Janet and spend the morning running with one of my favorite people.

Ok - so these aren't the greatest pics of us but you can check out my new Little Mermaid Bow Tank from Raw Threads, and Gineff's Little Mermaid T-shirt from them too. We coordinated and didn't even know it!!
It's also only coincidence that my KT tape matched my outfit.HAHA!!


Up next I'm tackling the Broad Street 10 Miler in Philly with Josh and my other PA buddies. Then its time to focus on the Disney Wine & Dine!!!


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